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Statistics for "Get involved" infobar in LibreOffice

Hello everyone,

Recent versions of LibreOffice include an infobar that shows 90 days
after installation. It includes a "Get involved" button that points to
this page:

I've looked at some statistics to see how effective this is. Taking a
sample day, Monday 23 September, we had 1126 visits to that page from
the button in LibreOffice. And where do the people go?


 * 26% to download
 * 25% to the front page
 * 16% to the developer page
 * 7% to the localisation page
 * 5% to the donate page
 * 19% elsewhere


 * 33% to Ask LibreOffice
 * 18% to the design page on the wiki
 * 12% to "What can I do for LibreOffice" site
 * 6% to the FAQ on the wiki
 * 6% to

So we can see that the "Get involved" infobar in the app is having some
effect, bringing over 1000 people a day to the page, and then some
people are going on to look in more detail at the development,
localisation, design and documentation projects.

Mike Saunders, Marketing & PR
The Document Foundation

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