Status Report on Calc "Named Ranges"

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Status Report on Calc "Named Ranges"

Hi all,

just a quick status report on the Calc's "Named Ranges" Astron and
myself (looking from the Design Team perspective) were working on.

For those not following the libreoffice-ux-advise mailing list: since
the Hackfest in September, we've discussed lots of UI proposals that
aimed for "direct manipulation". Thus, reducing the number of the odd
"Add", "Modify", "Delete" buttons whilst keeping the document editable
at the same time. Plus, providing feedback as early as possible if the
user changes e.g. the name (by using invalid characters). Most of the
time, we've run into technical issues ... or performance issues.

So, last week, we've decided to go with a more simple approach to meet
the 3.5 deadline. Luckily, "simpler" still means having lots of
improvements over the current range name handling.

For those being curious (and those who might help testing, once Markus
completed the implementation):

A big "thank you" goes to Markus (the developer) for his patience and
his will to make things better. And of course thanks to Kohei and
Eike ... long-time Calc hackers who always were open to review the

And, Astron, thanks for the very valuable feedback and the great ideas!


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