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Style menu Quotation (character style)


While trying to finish up the translation I realized that there is a
problem with one of the entries
in the new Style menu (Writer). The menu entry for the character style
"Quotation" does not work
in a localized environment. The reason is that the internal name of the
style is not Quotation but
Citation therefore the uno command of the menu entry is "wrong". It
should read:


instead it reads:


I suppose it's a bit late to change at this point given it would trigger
a re-translation for all
languages (at least I think it will). Should I push a patch to gerrit
changing the command?

I'm a bit hesitant to change the internal name since I'm afraid of
breaking export filter or
whatever functionality that might be tied to the internal name.
Also I don't know what to change so I would need to dig deeper and that
would take time
that I don't presently have. Removing the entry until next version would
of course buy
some time, but might be a bit "drastic"?

The bug is logged in bugzilla as:

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Niklas Johansson

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