Trouble Accessing Libreoffice Help: Object Not Accessible

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Trouble Accessing Libreoffice Help: Object Not Accessible

Upon using Libreoffice for Linux Mint 19.3 lately, I stumble
upon a strange error that does not allow me to access the help file:
Object not acessible. The object cannot be accessed due to insufficient
user rights.

There was very little to try, so please excuse me if I sound brief. Are
there other details I am missing before we proceed?

Thank you.

EDIT: Oh, these pieces of information might help:

  * The copy of Linux Mint was remastered using Cubic Wizard.
  * I've tried wiping and replacing using the remastered Linux Mint, and
    the error is still there.

Like I said, there are very little attempts that might shed light or
even bring the error to a measurable distance of its end, but I am open
to suggestions.

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