What happened to templates... part 2

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What happened to templates... part 2

Let's say we take care of the following:

In Options -> LibreOffice -> Paths -> Templates add path to template.ott

In File -> Templates -> Manage Templates -> template.ott is available.

A new document is created: File -> New -> Templates -> template.ott

All goes well, document document.odt is saved. Template updates are
reflected in the document too.

File document.odt is moved to another directory. This means template
location in meta.xml is not pointing to template.ott. Link is broken.

Document.odt is opened. Location of template.ott is not corrected in
meta.xml. Link stays broken while template.ott is at the right spot in
the designated template folder.

The only solution known to me is unzipping document.odt, repairing
meta.xml and zipping back to document.odt.*

I find it hard to believe that moving a document, or mailing a document,
is enough to break the connection with the template permanently.

Is there anyone able to shed some light here?

Beste regards,

Wiebe van der Worp

* Repairing meta.xml: a shell script lives now here:

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