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Writer: Master/Sub documents - Placing references


I have a master document that contains 9 sub-documents and various text
sections. In one of the text sections of the master document, I need to
reference a table located in one of the sub-documents. Since the text
section is in the master document, as I edit the master document, I
just insert a reference (Insert -> Reference) to the table (I want the
text to look like "(...) refer to Table 7.4 (...)") and the reference
is inserted without problems. However, when I refresh the master
document, the reference is lost (there is now a "Reference not found"
instead of "Table 7.4"). I thought of using hyperlinks but they seem to
be static text that is inserted rather a reference to the text of an
object (for instance, if I insert a table before Table 7.4, its number
changes to 7.5 but the hyperlink text does not change even if it now
points to Table "7.5" instead of "7.4".

Anyone knows how to do this properly? And as a follow-up question, how
would one make a reference from one sub-document to another?

I am using LO on Linux/Fedora 32, downloaded from the LO site.

Thanking all in advance.


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