capability to install a non gui dependent libreoffice onto a server

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capability to install a non gui dependent libreoffice onto a server


Sometimes ago I asked a question on the capability for libreoffice to be
seen as a backend on a server in order to execute macros allowing some
specific functionalities. The answer as it is (Thanks a lot Drew) told
me I forgot one part on my question. This part is the fact that I would
like to avoid installing any graphics part of this backend utility and
for the time being I am not able to do that as libreoffice requests
things coming from gnome (if needed I will provide details). Do someone
knows how to create a minimal libreoffice installation only for the sake
of a backend usage?

Thanks in advance

---------- previous mail


    I would like to know if there exists roadmap that would allow to create
    a server version of libreoffice that would execute macros job on office
    docs. It would mean a version not using all the interface part of
    libreoffice that would be much more compact. The goal would be to
    process many files using remote services or on some files to automate
    some processing such as creation of html files. Is there something
    foreseen? Is it totally ridiculous? Has it been done and I do not find
    the correct documentation?

First - redirecting the reply email to the User mailing list (the
website ML you originally posted to is for issues regarding the
LibreOffice website not the application).

Second - LibreOffice has always had the ability to run in what is
referred to as 'headless' mode. This means there is no GUI active while
all the document processing functions are available. The application
even has command line options specifically designed to take ODF files
and generate other fie types (html for instance) from them, in this
non-GUI mode. This feature is used as a backend for web applications
today in production environments. You can also call macros (sriptis)
from the command line and again if the macro is written properly can run
just fine in this headless mode. 

Finally - I don't personally have a bunch of links for you with
information on setting that up but expect others on the users list will. 

Best wishes,


    Thanks in advance


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