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[da-dansk] Fwd: [libreoffice-l10n] New branches and translation across components

Vi skal altså oversætte projektet 6.4 (master bliver senere til 6.5).


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Fra: sophi <[hidden email]>
Date: tor. 12. dec. 2019 kl. 10.30
Subject: [libreoffice-l10n] New branches and translation across components
To: LibreOffice-l10n <[hidden email]>

Hi all,

Christian has created the 6.4 project in Weblate, therefore master is
now the next 6.5.

He has migrated 6.3 project. (Do not forget to managed your watched
project if you want to have them in your Dashboard).

He has also activated translation across project. It is based on a hash
that Weblate creates based on context and the source string. He limited
the translation to match components of the same name.
In short that means that strings that have the same context will be
translated for all branches at once.

Then he sets priorities for the components (Weblate will decide from
that what end's up in "suggested translations") as follow:
- Help Master: lowest priority
- Help Release branch: low priority
- UI Master: low priority
- UI Release branch: high priority.

Oh and maybe I didn't say: we are running Weblate 3.9.1 now

As usual, feedback and advices are welcome :)
Sophie Gautier [hidden email]
GSM: +33683901545
IRC: sophi
Foundation coordinator
The Document Foundation

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