gdb debugging error

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Jenei Gábor Jenei Gábor
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gdb debugging error


While I try to run gdb on soffice.bin I cannot start soffice.bin as it
gives the following error:

/home/LOff/libo/desktop/source/app/cmdlineargs.cxx, Line 140:
CommandLineArgs: no ProcessServiceFactory./lib/"
              Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
desktop::CommandLineArgs::ParseCommandLine_Impl (this=0xb7f62ba0,
     at /home/LOff/libo/desktop/source/app/cmdlineargs.cxx:144
Current language:  auto
The current source language is "auto; currently c++".

can you tell me how to fix it?


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Re: gdb debugging error

Hello Jenei,

I suppose you runned "make dev-install".
If it's the case, have you runned all the commands quoted at the end :
cd <install directory>
. ooenv... (I think you perhaps missed this one since I had exactly the same error yesterday and this was the cause)

Hope it helps.