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[gl-discuss] Fwd: [libreoffice-website] Askbot for LibreOffice in your language

Askboot galego para LibO

Creo que este tema é propio da discusión en comunidade. Non só se
resultaría práctico ou viable o mantemento dunha comunidade Askboot en
galego para LibreOffice senón quen se ofrece (como mínimo 1 persoa
durante un par de anos), e polo menos un par de persoas que se
"comprometan" a responder cuestións e "animar" a participación.

Por certo, a tradución do Askboot en galego está ao 100%, feita por
este servidor.

Eu creo que hai que valorar precisamente o feito de termos servizos
infrautilizados. Non dan boa imaxe.

Hai outros sectores da comunidade que necesitan moita máis
participación como a tradución dos manuais, o wiki, e a tradución da
Axuda que non atopan suficiente xente para avanzar substancialmente.
Ora se preferides este ooutro tipo de actividade entón pídese


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Subject: [libreoffice-website] Askbot for LibreOffice in your language
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Hi Community (cross-posting on purpose)

We are in position to deploy AskBot for LibreOffice (AB4LO) in many

Those individuals interested to moderate the Askbot for LibreOffice in
his own language are invited to step forward.

(We will not deploy an AB4LO instance without at least one moderator.)

My experience as moderator for AB4LO in pt-BR is less than 5 minutes
/day, and the rate of new questions is about 2 new question/days and 2
new answers/day. Your mileage may vary, depending on how active is your
national/language community. As example, you can check the pt-BR site at


Note: I had to complete the translation of the AB4LO web interface
myself. I had to get a login in transifex and finish the job. Other
languages are in incomplete state too. The list of available languages
is at this link:


You may coordinate with your translator to get it completed.

Why AskBot ?

* There were several demands to deploy means of community
intercommunication other than mailing list.

* To get help thru mailing list, the process is to subscribe/confirm
subscription/write mail to ask/wait response/get flood of unwanted other
messages/unsubscribe/confirm unsubscription. This is too much 1990'ish.

* AB4LO allows you to quickly ask for help, and get responses from your
community. Unlike forums, AB4LO is aimed to establish a knowledge base
on LibreOffice in your language and provides tools to search for a given
subject quickly.

* AB4LO is not suited to debates and discussions. Prefer the mailing
lists for that purpose.

* Askbot also allows you to login thru your OpenId credentials, such as
Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc... Chances are that your users will use
it frequently.

* You also don't get e-mails unless you ask for in your profile.

*My experience with AB4LO in pt-BR*

As I said, I get 5 minute work as moderator. Most of the job is to edit
the question and put in a format of a question seeking answers. I also
narrow the tags for a better search. Sometimes people put Basic code in
the details and I care to have it well rendered with the internal AB4LO
editor tool.

I had to close some questions on subjects unrelated to LibreOffice.
Almost no spam so far.

Some answers had to be demoted to comment and some comments had to be
promoted to answer.

The kind of questions asked has a good indication on the difficulties
users have with LO and tells a lot about the user and the community.

As moderator, you are not obliged to answers users questions.

We strongly advertize Askbot for LibreOffice in many of our local

So, what are you waiting for? Get AB4LO now!!!

Kind regards

- --
Olivier Hallot
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