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Finalmente a TDF decidiu darlle adiante á creación dun sistem de foros

Que imos facer?

A min téntame a idea de substituír as listas, en realidade só funciona esta
por un foro propio no que levar adiante todos os aspectos relacionados:
tradución, documentación, axuda a usuarios, ferramentas, coordinación...

Se non hai un grupo suficiente como para mover isto, cando menos de 3
persoas, é mellor estarse quietos.

Mirade a mensaxe de Christian

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From: Christian Lohmaier <[hidden email]>
Date: 2012/9/11
Subject: Re: [libreoffice-website] Re: planned Forum - Coordinator wanted
To: Marc Paré <[hidden email]>
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Hi Marc, *,

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 4:48 PM, Marc Paré <[hidden email]> wrote:
> I am already getting questions about moderators for nl groups. I will
> people interested in moderating on language group forums to sign up on the
> wiki.

NL forums are planned to be launched a little after the English
forums, so no need to find NL-moderators, but of course it doesn't
hurt to also take note of them now to be able to have less work later.

> But I do not know about this particular question ... do nl groups need
> coordinators? I would rather leave this as simple as possible and just
> the sign-up as simple as possible for now.

No - coordinators/this effort should now only focus on the english
forum, only taking into account the small NL-projects that don't want
to have their own forum but instead are fine with having one single
forum for all questions in that language.

Big NL-projects (big = those who want/need different categories,
different forums) will get a separate instance anyway, and given the
difference in size as well as in focus of the NL projects, it is
impossible to cover them all.

NL-Projects are invited to make up their own thoughts about a forum,
about what they want to cover in the forum (end-user support only, or
also for coordinating the project's work, potentially replacing the
project's mailinglists,....) - but that is up to them. Having someone
coordinate this is of course helpful, but as coordinating this happens
all within one single NL-project, it is not as important (as all
discussion can happen on one single mailinglist and thus everyone can
keep track easily)

I don't know what you mean with sign-up in that context.

Forum-Coordinator's job does not cover defining the structure for
NL-Projects, NL projects will decide for themselves what categories
and forums they need. Whether they decide by nominating a coordinator,
or completely in bazaar-style is up to them and strongly depends on
the size of the NL-project.

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