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[gl-discuss] Fwd: [tdf-announce] The Document Foundation announces the first group of LibreOffice Certified Developers

De sumo interese para profesionais

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From: Italo Vignoli <[hidden email]>
Date: 2012/11/7
Subject: [tdf-announce] The Document Foundation announces the first group
of LibreOffice Certified Developers
To: [hidden email]

Berlin & Barcelona, November 7, 2012 - The Document Foundation announces
the first group of LibreOffice Certified Developers, who are recognized for
their ability to hack LibreOffice code to develop new features or provide
L3 support to enterprise users. They are: Bjoern Michaelsen (Canonical),
Caolan McNamara (RedHat), Cedric Bosdonnat (SUSE), Christian Lohmaier
(Volunteer), David Tardon (RedHat), Eike Rathke (RedHat), Eilidh McAdam
(Lanedo), Fridrich Strba (SUSE), Jan Holesovsky (SUSE), Kohei Yoshida
(SUSE), Lionel Elie Mamane (Volunteer), Lubos Lunak (SUSE), Markus Mohrhard
(Volunteer), Michael Meeks (SUSE), Michael Stahl (RedHat), Petr Mladek
(SUSE), Rene Engelhard (Volunteer), Stephan Bergmann (RedHat), Thorsten
Behrens (SUSE), Timár András (SUSE) and Tor Lillqvist (SUSE).

Certification is a key milestone for building LibreOffice ecosystem, and
increase the number of organizations capable of adding value around the
best free office suite ever (and, hopefully, help to spread the adoption
over proprietary and open source office suites). LibreOffice Certified
Developers have been peer reviewed by the Engineering Steering Committee,
which has appointed Bjoern Michaelsen, Jan Holesovsky and Stephan Bergmann
to manage the certification process for developers.

Certified developers extend the reach of the community to the corporate
world, and offer CIOs and IT managers a professional recognition in line
with corporate requests for added value development and support services.
TDF will soon extend certification to Migration Professionals and Training
Professionals, starting from early 2013.

The LibreOffice Certification Program is outlined on the project website at
the following address:
There is also a specific mailing list - certification@global.**
libreoffice.org <[hidden email]> - dedicated to the
certification project, which is reaching all the members of the
Certification Committee. Requests for information and applications should
be addressed to this mailing list.

Italo Vignoli - Director
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The Document Foundation
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