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A Document Foundation acaba de recibir o recoñecemento oficial de
existencia como entidade legal radicada na Alemaña.

O máis importante é que se traduciron a termos legais os principios de
funcionamento do software libre polo que constitúe o máis importante
exemplo en Europa e un modelo de entidadade legal, única, indepedente
de calquera empresa ou particular ou grupo. Unicamente autocentrado na
súa propia comunidade.

2012/2/20 Florian Effenberger <[hidden email]>:

> The Document Foundation officially incorporated in Berlin, Germany
> New entity has been legally created on February 17th, 2012
> German Stiftung to provide strong and enduring rights for the LibreOffice
> community
> Berlin, February 20th, 2012. The Document Foundation today announces that it
> has been officially incorporated in the state of Berlin, Germany. The legal
> form of the entity is a German "rechtsfähige Stiftung des bürgerlichen
> Rechts", a form based on the governance model the LibreOffice community has
> chosen. On Friday afternoon, February 17th, the incorporation certificate,
> signed by the state secretary, has been handed over by the authorities. With
> this legal act, the entity officially came to life and is legally
> recognized.
> A picture shortly after the reception of the incorporation certificate, and
> a copy of the certificate itself, is available at
> http://tdfsc.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/incorporation2.png
> The legally binding German version of the statutes are available at
> http://www.documentfoundation.org/satzung.pdf
> For convenience, an English translation of the statutes, which is not
> legally binding, is available at
> http://www.documentfoundation.org/statutes.pdf
> "We are proud of having achieved this major milestone. During the last
> months, we have been working extensively to incorporate the bylaws into
> legally binding statutes, to provide a stable and safe basis for our future"
> said Thorsten Behrens, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the new Foundation.
> He adds: "Our primary focus was on the membership element. Those who are
> approved members have inalienable, strong rights, embedded into the
> statutes. Since we have been aiming to be a German Stiftung, those rights
> are guaranteed by law, and enforced by the authorities. The Document
> Foundation is the legal affirmation of the community spirit - an entity by
> the community, for the community, and an entity independent from any single
> vendor."
> Michael (Mike) Schinagl, a Berlin-based lawyer who has been working on the
> incorporation process, explained: "The creation of such a Foundation is
> unique in the history of free software. There are not many, if any, entities
> that guarantee such strong rights to active contributors. Embedding those
> into legal language was a tremendous task, but one that was very worthwile.
> The Foundation and its statutes provide the ideal grounds for a free office
> ecosystem, including users, developers, marketeers, adopters, service
> providers and many, many more, and they can serve as an example for other
> communities with similar goals."
> The donor is the German nonprofit association Freies Office Deutschland
> e.V., formerly OpenOffice.org Deutschland e.V., which acted as interim legal
> entity from the very beginning. Thomas Krumbein, its Chairman, is grateful:
> "Our sincere thanks goes out to the Berlin authorities for their helpful
> cooperation in the past months, and for their flexibility and enormous
> support in achieving the community’s goals. Berlin has definitely made a
> landmark decision by approving The Document Foundation. Freies Office
> Deutschland e.V. is proud to be the donor of this important entity, and we
> look forward to working together with the new Foundation to the benefit of
> all users and contributors."
> André Schnabel, Chairman of the Membership Committee, stated the
> Foundation’s openness: "I am sure we will see the community prospering and
> growing even more, now that the legal entity has been created. Finally,
> after nearly 12 years, the community has created a Foundation that ideally
> fits to its needs, that is vendor-neutral, that provides safety, builds
> trust, and that sends out a strong sign of stability to all stakeholders. I
> would like to repeat our honest invitation to everyone interested in the
> future of free office suites, to join The Document Foundation, no matter if
> you are an individual volunteer, employee of a software vendor or support
> our activities with help from local non-profit organizations."
> The home of The Document Foundation is at http://www.documentfoundation.org
> LibreOffice, the free office suite, has its home at
> http://www.libreoffice.org
> Note to editors: A "Stiftung" is a German Foundation established with an
> endowment and supported by state authorities. See
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundation_%28non-profit%29#Germany for more
> details. In addition, "bürgerlichen Rechts" indicates it is a fully
> independent Foundation with long-term intent and independent finances.
> Media Contacts for The Document Foundation
> Florian Effenberger (based near Munich, Germany, UTC+1)
> Phone: +49 8341 99660880
> Mobile: +49 151 14424108
> E-mail: [hidden email]
> Skype: floeff
> Olivier Hallot (based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, UTC-3)
> Mobile: +55 21 88228812
> E-mail: [hidden email]
> Charles H. Schulz (based in Paris, France, UTC+1)
> Mobile: +33 6 98655424
> E-mail: [hidden email]
> Italo Vignoli (based in Milan, Italy, UTC+1)
> Phone: +39 02 320621813
> Mobile: +39 348 5653829
> E-mail: [hidden email]
> Skype: italovignoli
> Google Talk: [hidden email]
> Media Contact for Freies Office Deutschland e.V.
> Thomas Krumbein (based in Wiesbaden, Germany, UTC+1)
> Phone: +49 611 1885339
> E-mail: [hidden email]
> Web: http://www.frodev.org
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