iconography on TDF SocMedia page [was:] Social Media site MeWe and possible presence?

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iconography on TDF SocMedia page [was:] Social Media site MeWe and possible presence?


FYI, opening day ( a couple of direct invites, and a share into a Linux
group, so folks to folks I knew knew what TDF is) I used a photo from one
of the TDF events - People in other words, no text over top. The page
picked up 10 followers from that for 13 total. (either a really small
number or a large daily change percentage wise *smile*)

Today I changed out that photo for a custom graphic header with logos for
context, and sans the people.Click on  https://mewe.com/p/documentfoundation
and visualize that with only a photo and no logos and it makes sense to

The graphic is now on the shared marketing folder as

I really like the use of people representing TDF though and I might blend
the photo into that header image..we'll see.

Best wishes,


On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 2:59 PM Drew Jensen <[hidden email]>

> Howdy,
> Well, the short version is I went ahead and Published a Document
> Foundation Page on the service today.
> Today's post was on the 6.2.3 release with link to blog announcement,
> sharing that post twice; in a private group and on my public stream.
> Currently there are three followers, Sophie G, Italo V and myself.
> A page will not return in Mewe page search or page browser view until it
> has minimum five followers.
> So, if anyone reading this is using the service and wants to help get past
> that first goal of five followers the page url is:
> https://mewe.com/p/documentfoundation
> That's good for a short version, huh..
> Drew
> On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 8:32 AM Drew Jensen <[hidden email]>
> wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 3:38 AM Mike Saunders <
>> [hidden email]> wrote:
>>> Hi Drew,
>>> On 01/04/2019 21:58, Drew Jensen wrote:
>>> >
>>> > Last minute thought; I know but, if by any chance you used Google
>>> Takeout
>>> > to retrieve the Google Plus posts from the LO and/or TDF account pages
>>> and
>>> > (the big one) IF you picked JSON for the type data in the zip file
>>> created
>>> > there is a way to automatically load all the top level posts into MeWe
>>> > using a tool of their own creation. No idea if it could load to a Page
>>> vs
>>> > User Account but maybe that would be possible.
>>> Thanks for your help with the MeWe page. Regarding G+, Florian
>>> (Effenberger) did a Google Takeout a few days ago, as he is the original
>>> owner (as an admin, that option wasn't available to me). So we do have
>>> the data, although Florian mentioned that it might be also combined with
>>> his personal data/posts...
>> well, that's a problem then.

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