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[libreoffice-l10n] Help file discussion

Hi all,

I've put some reflexions on how to handle the help files taking into
account each team needs on the discussion page opened by Kendy yesterday

The proposal I made is to handle the en_US file on the wiki to let the
documentation team take care of it and remove the hurdle of editing help
files to developers.

We should have a simple, light version accessible via Pootle for
localization to be distributed with or along the product, what is
currently called HC2.
A more documented part available to the localization team via Pootle but
optional because not part of the product, the wikihelp.

I don't know currently how to handle the two different parts on the
wiki, I don't know if it's technically feasible, but I think it's very
important to consider it.

Please add your input/reflexion on the wiki page or in this thread. The
follow up/reply will be done on the documentation list and will be
summarized in the wiki, but please take care to keep Kendy in the loop.
Thanks in advance :)

Kind regards

Founding member of The Document Foundation

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