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[libreoffice-l10n] Re: Fixing new spell out numbering styles in LibreOffice 6.1

> 1. Are these numbers correct in your language?
> You can check here, too: https://numbertext.github.io/
> index.html#testimonials
> 2. Do we need to change the default format etc. according to the normal
> usage of your country/language variant?
> For example, in the recent implementation, British English and American
> English differ with the “and”
> 101 -> “One hundred and one”: en-AU, en-GB, en-IE, en-NZ
> 101 -> “One hundred one”: en-US etc.
In Gaelic, there are "ands" all over the place in counting, so 101 would
have to be
Ceud 's a h-aon
hundred and a-one (more on that a-one further down)
> 3. Is it enough to support only a single gender in Spanish etc. languages
> to cover common outline and page number usage in publishing?
It's not really permissible to do First, Second, Third without stating
the object (even usage like "first we need to do this, second comes
that" does not exist in Gaelic).
> Book/Part/Chapter/Section/Page/Paragraph One, or simply One (normal usage
> in English outline numbering)
The number system in Gaelic (and Irish) has a special number set 1-10 (I
think Irish may go higher) if you're just counting One, Two, Three
without stating the object i.e. counting pages is
aon duilleag, dà dhuilleag, trì duilleagan
but counting one two three without an object is
a h-aon, a dhà, a trì
sort of "a-one, a-two, a-three" until you reach ten, then it's just
aon deug, dà dheug, trì deug ...
> First Book/Part/Chapter/Section/Page/Paragraph (less common in
> English, but
> default numbering styles cover this, too)
Here Scottish Gaelic and Irish will have the added complication that
depending on the initial sound of the noun, the noun changes i.e. part =
pàirt but
a' chiad phàirt (first part)
an dàrna pàirt (second part)
but with a dental
a' chiad duilleag (first page)
an dàrna duilleag (second page)

Irish in addition has a change with vowel initials e.g.
an chéad alt (first article)
an dara halt (second article)

So if these are presented for localization, they must come with the noun
in question, otherwise the output will be ungrammatical. Unless a rule
can be written for such locales.


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