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Hi All,

Notes, ideas:

Idxexamle*.odf – preview of index (insert index/table).

In B2 we had msi file with cab file in rc1 we have msi file embedding
cab content.

Duplicated license and readme files across installation and also in NSIS
preinstaller – Windows Installer too.

What if: all zip content (ot?, jar, etc) are stored only, msi
compression stored only

+ overall size of installer (NSIS LZMA compression) may decrase

+ size of installed LibO will increase, (post installation compression?)

+ language dependent files, duplicated files may do not count so much

Wav recompress to ogg, mp3? Are we supporting all platform?

Using common templates category for non localized files.

On 12/07/2010 06:55 PM, Michael Meeks wrote:

> Hi there,
> So - as we all know, RC1 is too large; and there are a complicated set
> of reasons why that is so, which includes some tradeoff between install
> time disk space, download size[1], fairness between languages, mirror
> capacity, build and up-load times, and so on and so on.
> Anyhow - the good news is, that - having analyzed our .cab file by
> expanding it, re-compressing each file individually (with zip), and then
> analysing the results - it seems there are some fairly obvious size wins
> that are possible. I've uploaded a (2Mb) spreadsheet here:
> http://users.freedesktop.org/~michael/sizes.ods
> 40% of our size is endless duplicates of impress templates (one per
> language) - ~none of which have any significant translated content in
> them; we should simply ship one copy of each template instead. I believe
> some packagers do this on Linux already.
> Similarly, ~20% of the remaining size is (once again multiply
> duplicated) .ott files for the Wizards - which should be substantially
> identical - with a very little translation sprinkled on top. However -
> these will require coding fixes (or plain removal for 3.4 if the size is
> too significant). Then another ~20% of the remaining size is license
> files in English duplicated again and again per language.
> Similarly, if we cut our themes down to just two, we can save around 14
> Mb on the compressed image, and so on and so on.
> Of course - this requires real work; it is not just a matter of wishing
> for it :-) but it it is (I hope) all quite do-able.
> We should be able to get some of these improvements into 3.4, and more
> into 3.5.
> Ergo - I am still very optimistic that we can ship a windows
> installer / exe that is closer to 200Mb than 300 - without unreasonable
> effort.
> Anyhow - at least for RC1 - we have (if it can be download) the code
> that everyone will be running - and which is the thing that needs
> testing - major regressions / crasher bugs appreciated :-)
> HTH,
> Michael.
> [1] - the bigger the uncompressed .cab, the better NSIS' lzma
> compression can remove duplication eg.

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