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Hi everyone

In response to Michael Bauer's posts about taking over the Scottish Gaelic (gd)
project for OpenOffice/LibreOffice (which I was Project Lead for), I'd like to
officially drop out of the project, if possible, please.

I started a new position with an organisation down in England in May and am no
longer working for Canan, the company who was responsible for the original

There is no 'variety of reasons' for my personal lack of activity other than
that.  I'm not a Gaelic speaker and was a technical rather than linguistic lead
in any case.   I now have neither the time nor the capability to contribute to
or certainly to lead the project.  I made this clear after the end of the 3.01
localisation effort but nobody came forward then to take over.  I'm glad that
the project now seems to have someone who is prepared and able to lead it.

That said, I have updated the project homepage in the last few days because the
download links for v3,01 of OpenOffice had broken.  The Canan server where the
build files used to reside has apparently disappeared.  The builds are of course
still available from Pavel's site but I have linked in this instance to copies
of the executables that are being offered by Learning and Teaching Scotland, as
the sponsoring organisation behind the original projects in Gaelic.

I wish Michael and the Gaelic localisation team all the best for the future of
OpenOffice/LibreOffice in Gaelic.

Bye for now


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