must press enter/return thrice to force new paragraph (sometimes)

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Dwain Alford Dwain Alford
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must press enter/return thrice to force new paragraph (sometimes)


i had this same problem with open office. i don't understand. i set style prefs and added some new ones. there is a problem with the new one i call block 0.5. i also created a new default document. i set line spacing to single and no bottom paragraph spacing. seems this is where the problem begins.

the new default document:

i type a line. press enter/return twice and the cursor stays under the line until i press enter/return again. then the problem goes away, until later in the document or not again. hit or miss.

the block 0.5 settings are based on the text body indent settings. the before and after text is set at 0.5. i highlight all of the text to be blocked and double click the style setting. the second and third paragraphs change, and the first one does not change.

i have attached a test document to see if anyone else gets the same result. i typed a two line paragraph and the same press three times to force a paragraph is still a problem. i have duplicated this on the windows os as well. i can't remember if i had the same problem when i was using linux or not.

sure would like to resolve this problem.


macbook pro (2015)

mac os x sierra (same problem on lion - imac (2011), core i5 2.7 ghz, 16gb ram)

core i 7 2.8 ghz

16gb ram

intel iris pro 1536 mb


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Re: must press enter/return thrice to force new paragraph (sometimes)

On Thu, 2017-03-09 at 18:13 +0000, Dwain Alford wrote:
> hello,

Hello, Dwain.

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve LibreOffice.
However, this list is more for coding-level discussions than for
problem reports.  For example, the programmer fixing a bug might come
here to ask, how do I change such-and-such to do such-and-such.

I suspect--emphasis on "suspect"--that you are seeing normal behaviour
of LibreOffice.  You can go to
<> to ask how to accomplish
what you want to do.  If, then, you think that LibreOffice is behaving
wrongly, you can file a bug report at
<>.  For help filing a bug report,
you can send a message to <[hidden email]>.

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