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Re: synchronization of ODFAuthors and alfresco

Hi, Karl-Heinz, Sigrid, all, :-)

Alfresco does not oblige users to log in to get access to the site.
There is, by default, a "Guest home", where all the content being
processed on the site is available for viewing and downloading, which
is the way it should be. Jeremy's also been working on a view to
provide information about work currently being done on the site, which
can be integrated into the guest space.

Somewhere during the development work, the site has been configured to
redirect unlogged users to the login page, rather than sending them to
the guest home. This is something that will have to be adjusted back
to the default setting.

As I mentioned before, it would be good to have an RSS feed from the
Alfresco site, so that people can stay informed about work in progress
without even having to visit the guest home.

Personally, I don't see interfacing with the ODFAuthors project as a
*high* priority. It's an independent project, and Jean Weber is
already doing liaison. To me, that seems like a perfectly good
solution right now.

Plus, what Karl-Heinz is proposing could be quite complex and
demanding to implement, and would take a lot of time away from
more-important priorities: focussing on workflow and actually
producing urgently-needed documentation.

I guess this answers the original topic in the thread, so "HTH". ;-)

David Nelson

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