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Re: [nl-documentatie] klusje: Translation of the Android Viewer description 1 reply Discuss
Re: [nl-documentatie] Fwd: [libreoffice-l10n] Translation of LibreOffice Guides on Github 0 replies Discuss
Re: handleiding libreoffice base 2 replies Users
Re: handleiding libreoffice base 1 reply Users
Re: handleiding libreoffice base 3 replies Users
Re: Bijeenkomst Nl-LibreOffice - 23 November in Woerden! 1 reply Discuss
Re: Welke handleidingen vertalen? 1 reply Users
(no subject) 2 replies Users
Request from the Dutch translation team 3 replies Documentation
Re: Coordination, mentoring, etc 1 reply Documentation
LibreOffice Conference Bern 1 reply Discuss
Re: duplicated messages from the list 1 reply Documentation
Re: knipperend symbooltje in LO Impress 0 replies Users
Re: knipperend symbooltje in LO Impress 2 replies Users
Re: Vraag 5 replies Users
Re: Vraag 7 replies Users
Re: Fwd: [tdf-announce] LibreOffice 4.2.6 is ready 0 replies Users
Re: Account... 0 replies Documentation
Fwd: [libreoffice-projects] Big Thank You page 4 replies Discuss
Off line translating in pootle 3 replies Discuss
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