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Re: Building Android: Issue with NDK path 0 replies Dev
Re: Fwd: Application crashes with bootstrapping exception built on libreoffice-6-3-2 branch 1 reply Dev
Re: LibreOffice 6.3.2 & macOS 10.15 beta 9 0 replies Dev
Re: Permission not granted to push my patch 4 replies Dev
Re: is gerrit #26348 still somewhere? 1 reply Dev
Re: configure fails for lo 6.1.6 - Windows SDK... configure: error: Some (all?) Windows SDK files not found 0 replies Dev
Re: git Push to online project 0 replies Dev
Re: HTML import filter very (too) basic 1 reply Dev
Re: Android Build Error at ./ 2 replies Dev
Re: : libEGL required 1 reply Dev
Re: [TDF infra] Announcing Gitiles VCS browser (gitweb replacement) and https:// anon git URIs 1 reply Dev
Re: Mangler info om af afmelde mailingliste 1 reply Dev
Re: Hunspell probably breaks build on macOS 0 replies Dev
Re: Hunspell probably breaks build on macOS 0 replies Dev
Re: failed gerrit builds 1 reply Dev
Re: GSoC weekly update : Add Support for Python in LOEclipse Plugin - Shobhan Mandal 0 replies Dev
Re: Regarding libreoffice android error 0 replies Dev
Re: Men├╝punkt Hilfe -> R├╝ckmeldung geben 0 replies Discuss
Re: [Libreoffice-commits] core.git: Revert "g: ignore submodule changes" 1 reply Dev
Re: Let failed Jenkins builds set Verified: -1 in Gerrit? 1 reply Dev
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