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Re: LO 5.3 glitches 2 replies Users
(no subject) 0 replies Users
Re: Transferring Markdown Documents to LibreOffice 2 replies Users
Re: Help with LOCalc formula 1 reply Users
Re: F-Droid 1 reply Users
Re: Spelling check funnies 0 replies Users
Re: FYI: Writer watermarks template 0 replies Users
Re: Islamic Calendar 0 replies Users
Re: undo functionality 0 replies Users
Re: Volunteers for Documentation 1 reply Users
Re: Not archived mails at Gmane 1 reply Users
Re: Calc: background color in cells invisible 0 replies Users
Re: Pasting Tabular Data Into Calc From An HTML Source 1 reply Users
Pasting Tabular Data Into Calc From An HTML Source 2 replies Users
Re: question about the best version of libreoffice: 7 replies Users
Re: Calc formula syntax assistance 0 replies Users
Re: double brackets 0 replies Users
Re: Importing pictures that are resized. 1 reply Users
Re: Calc AutoCalculate 1 reply Users
Calc AutoCalculate 8 replies Users
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