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Re: tdf96324 0 replies Dev
tdf96324 1 reply Dev
build fails in postprocess/qa/services.cxx 1 reply Dev
Bug 64075: code pointer needed 2 replies Dev
Re: About Svgreader 1 reply Dev
[PUSHED] [PATCH] fdo#39468 German comments for svx/source/tbxctrls/itemwin.cxx 0 replies Dev
pictures in tables 1 reply Dev
SVG: scaling if no width/height is given 12 replies Dev
fdo#64897 1 reply Dev
bisect related question 2 replies Dev
bibisect related question 1 reply Dev
Help needed for fdo#63311 2 replies Dev
return value of GetTextBreak() 1 reply Dev
Re: [PATCH] add copy() and toInt32() to OUStringBuffer 0 replies Dev
Re: [PATCH] Replace rtl::O(U)String with O(U)String 1 reply Dev
Re: minutes of ESC call ... 2 replies Dev
Re: [PATCH] replace (Xub)String with OUString in vcl 1 reply Dev
Re: [PATCH] replace (Xub)String with OUString in vcl 3 replies Dev
Duplicate code? Call for #define xxx_PAGETYPE_xxx 1 reply Dev
gifread.cxx: Netscape 2.0 1 reply Dev
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