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Re: OpenGrok for core 1 reply Dev
Re: OpenGrok for core 2 replies Dev
Re: improvements on ellipticalquadrant in enhanced path of custom shape 1 reply Dev
Re: Windows build failure - C2131: expression did not evaluate to a constant 1 reply Dev
Re: Proposed XHP extensions 2 replies Dev
Re: After loplugin:staticvar in sw, Jenkins_Windows_Dbg failing 0 replies Dev
Re: Tinderbox @71 now failing with undefined reference to `SvMemoryStream::remainingSize()ยด 0 replies Dev
Re: Upstream clang compiler plugins, licensing 1 reply Dev
Re: CppunitTest_sc_filters_test now failing on Jenkins_MacOSX 0 replies Dev
Re: PythonTest_sw_python failure 0 replies Dev
Re: Resources on writing import/export file filters for Writer 1 reply Dev
Re: Intermittent Unit Test Failure: VclComplexTextTest::testArabic 1 reply Dev
Re: Intermittent Unit Test Failure: VclComplexTextTest::testArabic 2 replies Dev
Re: Hunspell probably breaks build on macOS 1 reply Dev
Re: Jenkins_Callgrind failing on CppunitTest_sw_layoutwriter and CppunitTest_sw_uiwriter 0 replies Dev
Re: [Libreoffice-commits] core.git: clang-tidy performance-move-const-arg 0 replies Dev
Re: make check fails in [build JCS] 3 replies Dev
Re: Error on First Run in Windows: Solar Mutex not owned 0 replies Dev
Re: [comment libreoffice-6-1] Access2Base - Fix Filter arg not applied in OpenForm 0 replies Dev
Re: broken radio/checkboxes in LibreOffice 6.1 (was: Re: UI regressions in "gen" plugin with LibreOffice 6.1) 0 replies Dev
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