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Jenkins user and sending mails in gerrit 0 replies Dev
sw export test failures 1 reply Dev
Re: How to solve the libreoffice build error? 0 replies Dev
BuildBot BUG 0 replies Dev
Re: junit autogen error? 1 reply Dev
Re: Can't access logerrit buildbot logs 1 reply Dev
fdo#65761: UI: DB: Thunderbird/Icedove doesn't appear anymore 0 replies Dev
Why not to use Gerrit patch set verification? -- was build failure in "[build GAL] arrows" 0 replies Dev
Re: Different Gerrit workflows -- was Master branch now requires liborcus 0.5.0 or higher. 0 replies Dev
Different Gerrit workflows 0 replies Dev
Re: Trouble creating logerrit account 0 replies Dev
Re: buildbot: please schedule gerrit#c2783 0 replies Dev
Re: claims of python unit test un-debugability considered somewhat exaggerated 0 replies Dev
Re: new gerrit-builds & unit tests ... 5 replies Dev
Re: gerrit's mail when adding a reviewer 0 replies Dev
Re: fdo#55814: unit test is missing 21 replies Dev
Re: Code pointers for replace HSQLDB for Firebird 3 replies Dev
Re: [PATCH libreoffice-4-0] fdo#55814 SwDoc::UpdateExpFlds: hiding the last section may ... 1 reply Dev
Re: make error 3 replies Dev
Re: rtl::OUString::compareToAscii is dangerous 0 replies Dev
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