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Re: CppunitTest_chart2_xshape Failure with Display Scaling on Windows 0 replies Dev
Re: <nanxiaotao>MPLv2 / LGPLv3 + 0 replies Dev
Re: failing tinderboxes after commit 0 replies Dev
Re: JunitTest_forms_unoapi_3 0 replies Dev
Re: LibreOffice run modes (headlessness) 0 replies Dev
Re: Failing JunitTest_framework_complex 1 reply Dev
Re: Changing old commit message 1 reply Dev
Re: autogen.sh : libEGL required 0 replies Dev
LibreOffice run modes (headlessness) 1 reply Dev
Re: LibreOffice ESC call, Thur - 16:00 central European (local) time 1 reply Dev
Re: Cppcheck: Reduction of False Positives: Manual Approach 4 replies Dev
Re: Google summer of code project discussion 0 replies Dev
Re: "GpgME not installed correctly" in unit tests 2 replies Dev
Re: Drag'n'drop item to end of an SvTreeListBox 0 replies Dev
Re: Build error on Windows 1 reply Dev
Re: Drag'n'drop item to end of an SvTreeListBox 1 reply Dev
Re: Feature request 0 replies Dev
Re: Feature request 1 reply Dev
Accessibility implementation / limitation in LO 1 reply Dev
Re: Intermittent Unit Test Failure: VclComplexTextTest::testArabic 0 replies Dev
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