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Affiliation change and greetings 0 replies Board Discuss
Invitation to comment on Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) v1.3 - ends Dec. 12th 0 replies Board Discuss
OpenFest 2019 - call for participation - call for volunteers 2 replies Marketing
Re: [it-users] Fogli ODS 0 replies Users
Re: [VOTE] Host the ODF Toolkit project at TDF 1 reply Board Discuss
what can I do for... LibreOffice 23 replies Marketing
Nomination for next TDF's Membership Committee: Jona Azizaj 1 reply Board Discuss
Public agenda for TDF board web meeting on Friday, August 31th, at 1400, Berlin time 0 replies Board Discuss
NO board meeting of Friday, July 6 0 replies Board Discuss
Re: Clone Formatting and Fill Format mode 0 replies Documentation
Re: [board-discuss] Using TDF account to sell LibO official localized guides 1 reply L10N
Re: Grenoble city hiring a project leader to swith to LibreOffice 0 replies Marketing
Re: English videos in help files 0 replies Documentation
Re: Ris: Fwd: Re: [it-users] errore 2503 agg,.to libre office 0 replies Users
Re: Fwd: Re: [it-users] errore 2503 agg,.to libre office 1 reply Users
Re: Convenzioni di traduzione da verificare 0 replies L10N
Re: La localizzazione di LibreOffice 6 รจ imminente 0 replies L10N
Conclusione traduzione prefazione di BaseHandbook3.5 0 replies L10N
Candidacy to the BoD elections: Marina Latini 0 replies Board Discuss
Re: Base Handbook 3.5 - inizio traduzione 4 replies L10N
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