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Re: LibreOffice Encryption/Decryption Implementation 1 reply Dev
Re: SETMETERLIMIT record 1 reply Dev
Re: Diversity Is Key? 5 replies Board Discuss
Re: Problems with SetSnapRect() for rotated and/or sheared custom shapes 0 replies Dev
Re: VCL drawPolygon() off-by-one without line color 0 replies Dev
Re: What's the status of using Glade .ui files in extensions? 1 reply Dev
Re: Relevance of PPT export filter 0 replies Dev
Re: Aw: Re: [board-discuss] creation of The Document Collective (TDC) 0 replies Board Discuss
Munich Hackfest 17th/18th of October - who's interested? (was: ESC meeting minutes: 2019-09-05) 0 replies Dev
Re: [Libreoffice-commits] help.git: 2 commits - source/auxiliary source/media source/text 0 replies Dev
[Libreoffice-qa] Hackfest options for the rest of 2019? (was: ESC meeting 2019-08-15 minutes) 0 replies QA
Re: Drop GTK2 support in favor of GTK3 0 replies Dev
Re: Drop GTK2 support in favor of GTK3 4 replies Dev
Re: SdImportTest::testDocumentLayout fails 6 replies Dev
Re: ODF "implementation defined", collection for LibreOffice? 1 reply Dev
Re: PDF/A support in LibreOffice 0 replies Dev
[Libreoffice-qa] Mentors wanted for Paris Hackfest (was: minutes of ESC call ...) 0 replies QA
Re: Reveal code, old macros convert them to LO 2 replies Dev
Re: GSOC Report Week 5 0 replies Dev
Re: [ABANDONED] Re: Build fail on Libgpg-error on Windows with gawk 5.0 5 replies Dev
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