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Re: [GSoC] starting contributions in libreoffice online Admin 0 replies Dev
Re: Bug in "page number" + offset 0 replies Dev
Re: The Meson interviews 0 replies Dev
Re: Edit Contour in Graphics 0 replies Documentation
Re: LO Draw and ODG format 0 replies Documentation
LibreOffice GSoC and Android 0 replies Dev
Re: [libreoffice-l10n] Weblate documentation on the wiki 0 replies L10n
Re: Wiki - Locked main page 0 replies Website
Re: The Meson interviews 1 reply Dev
The Meson interviews 4 replies Dev
Re: Bug 118418 - Scrolling API? 0 replies Dev
Re: Bump macOS Xcode baseline to 11? 0 replies Dev
Re: Application for student internship in GSOC 2020 0 replies Dev
Re: GSoC: Move the gallery code to use ZIP files Id 0 replies Dev
[libreoffice-l10n] Extending Autocorrect lists 0 replies L10n
Re: ESC meeting minutes: 2020-02-13 1 reply Dev
Re: ESC meeting minutes: 2020-02-13 3 replies Dev
Re: ESC meeting minutes: 2020-02-13 0 replies Dev
Re: How to build only changed files 0 replies Dev
[Libreoffice-qa] Convenient listing of available master builds now online 1 reply QA
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